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Daniel Cotter

Daniel Cotter is an attorney with an expert in Annuity and Insurance Law. He graduated #1 in his class from the John Marshall Law School in 1994.


He is currently the Attorney on record for Due. He is an expert and insurance regulatory and corporate governance including privacy.

Kiara Taylor
Kiara Taylor is a financial writer and Research Analyst. She is an expert at rick based modeling having worked in the finance vertical for the past twenty years. She has a Masters Degree in Finance from Ohio State and has worked at Fifth Third Bank, J.P. Morgan and Citi in emerging markets and equity research.
John Boitnott graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Masters Degree in Education. He worked for 10 years as a Broadcast News writer for NBC News where he covered finance and business. He covered financial news for SAP for four years. Boitnott now working as a columnist for The Motley Fool where he covers personal financial and investing strategies.
Deanna Ritchie is a writer and editor at Due and several other sites. Specializing in content marketing, SEO, productivity, and helping others gain better financial insights.