Due Editorial Process

Due Editorial Process

The aim of Due is to help you have greater accessibility to the good life through your finances. Due editorial process will help guide you from early efforts to take care of your money matters — all the way through your retirement. 

Managing your money with finesse is a lifetime goal — and we will help you with all the ins and outs to meet your goals. When you align your goals and life together — you’ll have smoother sailing. Your future will appear brighter as you manage your money more effectively. 

Due Editorial Process

You may decide to hire a money manager — and that’s great, but it’s essential to have a basic knowledge of all processes to do with your money. Money matters if you want to reach the top. Even if you are determined to hire a money manager — you must keep an eye on your own funds and our highly-vetted experts will teach you how to accomplish this feat. 

Who Are We?

The team at Due includes a network of professional money managers, technological support, money experts, and staff writers who have written in the financial arena for years — and they know what they’re talking about. 

We employ scientists who have applied the science of money handling to all areas of money care. These scientists have overseen the process of surveys, including conducting some of their own. Our scientists have personally gained power with their own money. 

We work with educators who feel that we need greater inroads in educational avenues to train future Americans on money matters — early in our educational school system. We agree that children are not being taught in school about how to care for their money — and this can leave a fragile economy for all of us. We hope to be a part of the many people who are trying to right this wrong — and bring better fiscal education to everyone.

Many of our freelancers come to us with “fresh out of the University” insights that we are looking for — and we pass these insights on to you, our readership. Some university students share with us the various projects they are working on to make stronger money relationships. We share these with you, also.  

How We Do What We Do

We have always asked that our team of staff writers and freelancers take the time to read and research the latest academic studies, surveys, and books. The writers then present this information in an accessible manner so that you will begin to understand your own money issues in a better light. You will be compelled to grab hold and chart a course toward your best fiscal achievements — and peace of mind.

We look for the newest and best strategies about taking care of your money and investing, including annuities and retirement. We retain the tried and true financial principles that have made the financial markets and their clients great — and rich. We want you to understand foundational wealth and how to build it. We help you grow your wealth and standard of living by teaching you fundamental practices that build and maintain wealth.

Your financial future depends on critical knowledge at this time, in the area of finances. We want you to be able to read our articles and use our formulations to move forward in a workable, reproducible and actionable manner.

What Our Editors Do

Before our DUE writers begin their writing work — we ask for a list of titles and the concepts to be covered in the post. We ask for a synopsis about the intent of the piece and an explanation to be given of how the information will be developed. 

We use the above process so that the reviewer of the piece can have a dependable preview of how the editorial content calendar will proceed. The editor makes sure the information is the best information available right now.

The information of DUE will alert you to facts that are coming up — like when your taxes are due and how to save money on all your current money matters. 

You’ll gain information about investing and various ways to up your financial knowledge and capabilities. 

When an author receives the okay for their topic and concept — the writer will produce the article and submit their piece to the site. The onsite site editor then edits the article. Authors and writers are responsible to keep structural errors and typos to a minimum. 

Editors review the article and begin by fact-checking and link checking. All links must be too credible, highly dependable and trustworthy sources. We don’t allow any non-documented facts to line our posts. 

We consider it a crime to include nefarious, corrupt, or unverifiable content to our readership and we take decisive action to cut authors who submit anything akin to false facts. We simply don’t have time to mess with you. Zero tolerance on this point. We consider time to be a valuable resource — next to money. Money is the King here. 

Contact DUE

If you have a money issue that you would like researched and discussed — please let us know. We will put our team to work on the topic with our full, scientifically-vetted procedures. 

For all money issues, questions, comments or to discuss the Due editorial process — Please contact us HERE.